Alpha Course starting
28th September 2017

Exploring questions of life?

Want to discover more about God?

Join an Alpha Course starting on
28th September 2017 at 7.30 pm 
In St. Saviour’s Church on the first floor of the Community Hub 

Theme : There must be more to life than this 

What is the Alpha Course?

It is an opportunity for everyone to explore the Christian Faith.
The Alpha Course consists of a series of talks followed by discussion.
No questions are considered too simple or too hostile.
It is relaxed, low key, friendly and fun.
There is a meal together starting each session to get to know each other.

Everyone is welcome.  If you are interested please talk to Revd. Michael  Norman.
For more info: Michael Norman 01225 311637

The Alpha Course starting 28th Sept 2017
Dates & Topics
Thurs 28th Sept Who is Jesus?
Thurs 5th Oct Why did Jesus die?
Thurs 12th Oct How can I be sure of my faith ?
Thurs 19th Oct Why and how do I pray?
Thurs 2nd Nov Why and how to read the Bible?
Thurs 9th Nov How does God guide us?
Saturday 11th Nov 10 – 4 pm Holy Spirit Day
Thurs 16th Nov How can I resist evil?
Thurs 23rd Nov Does God heal today?
Thurs 30th Nov Why and how should we tell others?
Thurs 7th Dec What about the Church?
Thurs 14th Dec What do I do with the rest of my life?


Every Thursday meeting begins with a meal,
(A small donation to cover this cost each week is greatly appreciated.)
followed by a talk on the subjects listed above
with discussion topics held afterwards.
The evening will begin at 7:30 pm and end around 9.30 pm.

Alpha is for anyone wanting to look into the Christian faith
or wanting to refresh his or her faith.
Everyone is welcome. Join us!